Pricing structure

Simply pay per email
Our pricing structure couldn't be more simple. There are no monthly fees and no hidden fees - just the initial setup cost and then a low campaign delivery fee. For each campaign you send with more than 5 recipients, you pay a flat fee of £5* plus 3p* per recipient.

* plus VAT

Campaign delivery pricing example;

Pricing table Branded Templates Bespoke Design Design Conversion

* If you already have a finshed eshot ready to send.
* All prices quoted exclude VAT.

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Bespoke campaign design
Anyone sending at least one campaign a month is going to love our new monthly prices. Basically, you pay a low monthly fee based on your number of subscribers. This monthly fee will then adjust automatically as your list grows or shrinks.

Here's the pricing for up to 50,000 subscribers:

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Eshot templates
You send us your company logo and we will send you back three branded templates (see below) using your company's colour scheme. Now just fill your eshot with the content of your choice using our easy eshot editing software. No experience neccessary!

You can view these templates full size here: Template 1, Template 2, Template 3.

3 eshot templates

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eshot templates £150 plus vat

Converting your design
Already have a design but not the skills to make it work? Send us your creation and our designers will convert it into a html eshot ready to use with the Postal Strike software!

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Design conversion £350 plus vat

Bespoke campaign design
Haven't got the time to design your own? Our experienced design team at Brave Thinking will give you the choice of two bespoke visuals. On selection we will develop your chosen design into a working eshot campaign which can be re-used as your future template.

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Bespoke Design £750 plus vat


We reserve the right to change prices without notice. Prices are correct at time of publishing (18/10/2009).